Enchufala is the most basic turn in salsa and many complex variations are using Enchufala as a component. The Enchufala is traditionally preformed while the boy’s left hand is holding the girl’s right hand but as variations get more complex the Enchufala comes in variety of way: right to left, right to right, holding both hands, both hands in a cross and lots more. The turn itself is using the basic steps of Back Rocks
The Steps:
1. On 1  both partners take a step backward. The boy simultaneously pushes the girl with a whip like motion.
2. On 2 boys take their right foot forward and to the left placing the foot in about 45 degrees simultaneously leading with the left hand to the right and above the girl’s head. The girls move their left foot forwards and to the left as well in 45 degrees in order to complete a turn in the next beat.
3. On 3 both partners move their next leg (boys with the left, and girls with the right) forward to match their previous foot and turn with the left shoulder backwards.
4. A pause.
5. On 5 both partners move with their next foot backwards. Boys with their right, girls with their left.
6. On 6 both partners move with their next foot in place. Boys with their left, girls with their right.
7. On 7 both partners match their next foot with the previous. Boys with the right, girls with their left. Simultenously the boy is slipping is hand behind the girls back to enter a closed formation.
8. A pause.

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